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Providing Outreach Youth Activities across Leicester, Leicestershire and the Midlands


Braunstone Grove Youth Centre, 12 Cort Crescent, Braunstone, Leicester LE3 1QZ  Tel: (0116) 2292547

Company Number 6582276

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Centre Based Activities


This form of youth provision takes place in a traditional youth club setting. The youth club provides young people with a safe environment to enjoy structured leisure activities and participants are provided with the opportunity to develop personal and social skills through informal education.


Young people who attend the youth provision take part in planned activities such as music production, Lyric production, Arts, Drop in sessions engaging in positive activities such as pool, table tennis, Chill out time. The young people also have access to support and advice in the form of sexual health services. Youth Group Activities are designed to raise self-esteem and confidence, raising aspirations, forming relationships enabling informal education to take place, empowering young people, while also benefiting from a safe and welcoming environment Looking at accreditation opportunities.

Main Stream Youth Services

• Develops the potential in each individual, whilst being mindful of traditions, culture

 and the impact on the community  


• Promotes the identification and pursuit of individual goals


• Affirms the uniqueness of each person, while acknowledging and challenging the

 inequalities and injustices that favour some groups of people at the expense of others


• Allows the individual to develop skills necessary to fully participate in society

Targeted CHOICES

Information and advice on issues around sexual health, practicing safe sex, available contraception methods. Advice is given in a private, confidential and relaxed environment. This session is open to any young people  and it is a free confidential service for under 25's


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