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Providing Outreach Youth Activities across Leicester, Leicestershire and the Midlands


Braunstone Grove Youth Centre, 12 Cort Crescent, Braunstone, Leicester LE3 1QZ  Tel: (0116) 2292547

Company Number 6582276

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Streetvibe currently have 10 workers with varied levels of Detached Youth work experience. At Streetvibe we believe that detached youth work is the most effective way of engaging with young people around the issues that they bring and in spaces that they (the young people) feel most comfortable.

Detached Youth Work

One of the key skills of the Streetvibe team is its extensive experience of detached youth work. This gives us the unique edge of being able to work with young people at grass roots level. Young people sometimes decide that mainstream provision is not for them. Buildings can at times put up barriers, restrictions and limited time slots of availability. Detached youth work enables us to work with those very young people that are not aware of the support available to them on all aspects of life whether it is sexual health advice, personal support and development, education, employment and benefits information and support. Being able to work with these young people across different times according to need, building links with the families and the community they live in. The majority of detached youth work is working with young people on issues that affect them, i.e. Drugs, Alcohol, Sexual Health, Bullying, Race/Racism, Homelessness, Education and Unemployment etc. Young people have accessed our support consistently for a period of ten years, and still turn to us for support and advice even as they grow in to young adults.


Detached work gives us a deeper insight in to what is affecting young people on the streets. Where they live and spend their childhood growing up puts us at the heart of the community. When young people accept you in to their space it creates an open environment for discussion and support. It is in fact the cheapest form of provision with limited overheads. However, if consistent is probably one of the most effective forms of engagement with those very young people who are at risk of exclusion and isolation. Streetvibe will continue to search for funding that will enable us to work with young people who do not access existing provision making it our key philosophy to support those who may feel alone, forgotten or unheard to have a voice and access to services without barriers.

Streetvibe young people service delivered detached youth work in the Braunstone area four nights a week across the south and north of the estate


The situation:

Large numbers of young people hanging about on the south side of the estate where there was no youth work services delivering provision. Streetvibe worked in the area three evenings a week accessing in excess 45-55 young people most evenings

How Streetvibe detached youth work helped


By starting to engage and build relationships with young people on the south it was one young man in particular who we remember as a particularly important part of the work we did. This young person had experienced a horrific attack which led to him almost dying, on the north side of the estate by a well known group of young people on who lived there. It became apparent that he did not feel comfortable accessing services on the other side of the park and we worked with him to engage in support and information without having the fear. The young man continued to grow in confidence and after working with him for two years he actually started to do voluntary work with the project at the age of 18. He was determined to help young people and even supported sessions where the known members of the group who attacked him attended. He went on to win the citizen of the month award and runner up for citizen of the year in September 2005 and became a key member of our team. This demonstrates how good detached youth work can offer support to those who do not access services for whatever reason, and the considerable bravery and commitment this young man had. He would support other young people so that they would never feel isolated or alone. This young man continues to work full time with vulnerable young people and now has a family of his own. It has been a journey for us as detached youth workers that makes us realize just how important it is to work with young people on the streets and to enable them to reach their full potential by breaking down barriers.

Detached Youth Work Case Study